Capsule Burning Belly Fat Weight Loss
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Capsule Burning Belly Fat Weight Loss

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Features: 1. High quality natural plant slimming capsule. Practical and safe, can let you lose weight and detoxification, so that you are more confident and more attractive. 

2.Eliminate muscle tension and fatigue, improve blood circulation, promote the excretion of toxins in the body, and prevent fat accumulation. 

3. Effective slimming capsule can lift buttocks, tighten skin, eliminate dark lines and remove fat mass. 
Specification:  10/20/30/50PCS

Gold efficacy: weight loss, weight loss, detoxification 

shelf life: 3 years 

usage: massage, 1 tablet for each person in the morning, 1 tablet for each person before going to bed packing list: 1 capsule for weight loss note: 1 capsule. Due to some factors (such as the brightness of the display), the actual color of the product may be slightly different from the brightness of the pictures and lights displayed on the website. Please allow a little deviation in the measurement data. Three. Thanks for your understanding.