Apple Vinegar Candy Gummies Slimming Weight Loss
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Apple Vinegar Candy Gummies Slimming Weight Loss

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Brand Name:Hemp for U
Type: Apple vinegar Soft candy
Net Content:30 capsules/bottle
Ingredients: Apple vinegar ,Vitamin E, Vitamin B, Corn Syrup, Sugar, Water, Gelatin, Citric Acid, etc.

Feature :
Apple cider vinegar gummies are rich in nutrients and contain pectin, vitamins, minerals (phosphorus and potassium) and enzymes.

Enhance human immunity and antiviral ability, improve the digestive system, clean the digestive tract, help eliminate toxins from joints, blood vessels and internal organs, regulate endocrine, and significantly reduce blood lipids and Detoxification and health care function.

The effects of apple cider vinegar fudge:

1. Detoxification: Fruit vinegar contains a special substance-pectin, which can reduce the number of harmful bacteria in the intestinal tract, thereby helping the beneficial bacteria to multiply, thus playing the role of intestinal cleansing and detoxification.

2. Beauty and beauty: Fruit vinegar is rich in vitamins. Vitamins can inhibit the formation of skin pigments, eliminate skin spots, increase white pigments, and thus have cosmetic and anti-aging effects.

3. Enhance physical strength: The polysaccharides, potassium ions, and tartaric acid contained in fruit vinegar can reduce the acidity of the body and relieve fatigue. It is rich in zinc and has the effect of enhancing memory.

Girls can whiten their faces, lose weight and shape their bodies, and boys can hangover after drinking 1 to 2 tablets.

How to use:2 ~ 3 capsules a day, it is better absorbed if taken on an empty stomach or two hours after meals.

Specification: 30pcs per bottle